LIME REALTY GROUP knows sometimes things get rough and you don’t always come out the other end smelling like a rose.  Take heart in knowing many people have had to build their credit up after they’ve had some difficulties.  Just because your score has fallen, doesn’t mean you’re forced to live in financial exile.  You can start fixing your credit and getting back in good standing today!

Here’s a great resource for you if you’re looking for some alternatives to standard credit.  Banks and other financial institutions will often issue prepaid credit and debit cards.  The downside to these cards are usually the enormous fees associated with them.  On the other hand, there are some cards out there with some reasonable fee structures you can live with.  But how can you research all of them to determine which ones are the best?

That’s where our tip comes in… offers you a list of the most popular and well known prepaid debit cards on the market today!  You can scroll down through the list and if you find one that looks interesting, you can click on it for more information.

This resource allows you to shop for the best deal available without doing a ton of legwork and searching all over the internet!

for those of you interested in viewing the list, follow this link:

Once you get your card, you can use it to start making purchases and setting up payment schedules that will help improve your credit score.

Don’t get discouraged and don’t give up on your dreams of owning your own home.  Make the move today to start fixing your credit and getting back in the swing of things.  And remember to choose Lime when you’re ready!  We’ll help you through the process and make it easy!