LIME REALTY GROUP often includes blogs about local business in Southern Utah that we love and support.  One of those places is Swig!  For those of you who aren’t in the know, Swig is a place where you can get all sorts of delicious sodas and drinks.  You can also treat your sweet tooth to cookies and ice cream.

But have you ever wanted something more healthy?  Do you ever find yourself, loving Swig, but not wanting to drink a soda?  Well fear not, gentle reader, because we might have the right solution for you.

Fruit Water…

I know what you’re thinking…  “Fruit water”????  And yes!

Swig offers a delicious drink known as Fruit Water.  It’s basically water with cut up chucks of fruit like strawberries and mango.  You need to stir it up when you first get it but after that, you can sit back and enjoy the chug!  

Consider stopping by Swig today and getting a fruit water of your own.  And call Lime for all of your real estate needs.  Let us help you find your dream home today!