LIME REALTY GROUP figured it would be nice to take a break from politics and wanted to share with you a bit of news concerning the second Free Comic Book Day this year.  It looks like this might become a twice a year thing with the comic companies.  

For those of you who’ve read our blog posts in the past about Comics Plus, our local comics store, you’re already aware of free comic book day and that the major comic labels produce special books you can only get if you visit a store on these days.

Usually the book are introductions to major story arcs in different series or they tie in with other media franchises like films or television series.

It’s important to show up if you want to pick up any of these limited issue releases.  It’s also a great day for other things like in house signings of comics or drawings.  Last time, Lime sponsored a drawing for a gift card.

We’re proud to support and encourage support for this local business.