LIME REALTY GROUP is super excited to remind you that this Saturday is Free Comic Book Day and we will be there from 10am to about 1pm with drawings and contests.  You can also stop by and pick up a copy of the Coloring Contest Pic and get started on your entry for our Halloween Coloring Contest!

We’ve got some great Super Hero spinners you can win!  Superman, Batman, Captain America…  We’ve got a few so take a chance and try to win one!  We’ll also be giving some of the Lime spinners out to some lucky winners.  In addition to the drawings we’ll do for gift certificates, we’ll also have some cool Lime swag you can win!  Beanies and Shirts!  Come get your Lime pride on and win some Lime wear!

Comics Plus is a community partner of ours and we’re proud to support them when they have awesome events like this.  How many business’ give away their product for free???  Granted, the books they give away are printed by the Comic companies specifically for the purpose of giving them out to fans on these days, but still…  Dave does an amazing job over there and we want to see his business continue to flourish!

Support a local business, win free stuff, color your entry for the coloring contest and come have an awesome time with us this Saturday morning!  Don’t let the traffic or the hullabaloo keep from an enjoyable time!

Make the right choice and see Lime this weekend!