LIME REALTY GROUP has been on a hit and run Open House crusade lately…  We’ve had some quick Open Houses come up and they’ve all been highly successful.  But what’s most exciting is the new information we’ve come up with thanks to some of our amazing business partners.

While speaking with some of our colleagues, Lime learned that a lot of mortgage companies including FHA are offering no money down loans right now.

That’s right folks!  No money down…

That means it’s possible to buy a home even if you don’t have money saved up for a down payment.  

In the interest of stimulating the housing market and helping people get into homes who really want to own, these options are one of the quickest and best ways to avoid some initial costs and defer them to your mortgage.

For awhile, most lending institutions stopped offering these loans because of the housing problems and the need for more stable, secure home lending practices.  But having the option to get into a home without having $25k to put down has prevented a lot of people who are fiscally responsible and able to afford a property from getting one.

This is a great time with the rate still safe in the 4% territory to start looking into one of these loans and what better way to do it than by contacting Lime and letting us help you find out if you qualify for one of these outstanding loan products.  Call today and make the clear choice for real estate in Southern Utah.