Renae Stucki Realtor ran across this article about Home Warranties on MSN Money page.  It discusses the decision to purchase a Home Warranty and gives some pros and some cons for doing so.  

You can read this interesting article HERE.  

As an agent dealing with clients buying homes, I always encourage them to purchase a Home Warranty.  Unless of course, it’s a brand new home.  Then I’m not so worried.  There is one thing everyone buying a new home in the Southern Utah area should know.  The local industry standard is to warranty work and materials for approximately one year after the date of closing.

That makes purchasing a Warranty unnecessary.  In addition, many new appliances will come with manufacturer warranties valid up to a year from the date of purchase.  This also makes a home warranty unnecessary.

But if you’re buying an older property, having a warranty in place is one of the smartest options you can choose.  Not only does it give you time to discover potential problems that might have escaped the watchful eyes of an appraiser, but you have time to learn the nuances of your home and where you can make adjustments.

Part of an agent’s job is to act on behalf of the buyer and it’s important to negotiate a warranty in certain situations.  I always keep that in mind when I’m working with a client and touring a property.

Let’s face it…  Sometimes, the warranty is the right option for the sale.  Sometimes…  It’s not.  

Why not contact me today and let’s discuss whether or not the home you want to purchase needs a warranty.  And let me work on your side to help you get the most value for your money.  I really do want to make your dream home come true.