LIME REALTY GROUP has a new series of posts we’ll be doing through Christmas.  Traditionally, we’ve brought you some gift ideas for the holidays and this year, we’re pleased to bring you even more.

Were you disappointed with the cancellation of Disney’s Infinity video game series?  A lot of fans were, but Disney is back with a new line of action figures from some of their popular films under a new line called Toy Box.  These figures will be designed in the same way the video game avatars were created and will be sold exclusively by Disney online and through their retail stores.  Here’s a video showcasing some of the characters that will go onsale November 3, 2017…

With a large number of potential characters and more being designed, this might be an excellent collectible series to buy not only for your kids, but Disney collectors of all ages.

Check out November 3 for more information and purchase details.