LIME REALTY GROUP recognizes that Christmas is starting to creep up on us rather quickly.  And if there’s a music lover on your Christmas wishlist we have a site for you.

Sure most people these days shop for music on, eBay or stream if from a service like Tidal or Google play.  But for those of you who still want a physical LP, CD, Cassette or even 8-track Cartridge, is the place to go!

Do you love a band and wonder how many albums they’ve released?  Type in the name in the search field and prepare yourself.  They have an extreme amount of information.  Do you remember that old Madonna record you really loved?  Well, look…  there it is.  And it lists all of the versions released of the album.  There’s the CD, the remastered CD, the reissue CD with bonus tracks, the LP and that red vinyl LP you thought you saw in a record store once but have never seen since.  They have an exhaustive collection of collector, seller and fan updated entries that are constantly growing.

Better yet, is also a market place.  If you find something you’ve been looking for, they’ll show you if it’s for sale and from who.  The sellers who list on will usually ship the item if you decide to purchase it and you can purchase using Paypal.

Although not 100% complete as actual discographies, this is the closest you will come in most cases to finding a complete catalog of your favorite artist or group.  Releases can be searched by format, date and even country.  That’s right.  They include releases from Europe, UK, Japan and other significant countries.  This really is a great place to start researching your favorite music.

So whether you’re searching for yourself or hunting down something for a gift, is the best place to go to find music.  It’s the online local record store right at your fingertips.  Make the smart move and log in today.

Don’t forget Lime is the clear choice for real estate and gift advice in Southern Utah.  Call today and maybe we’ll help you and your family find a brand new home for Christmas!  ‘Tis the upcoming season!