LIME REALTY GROUP wants to send out our congratulations to all of the amazing runners who participated in the St. George Marathon this Saturday!  What an awesome experience and a great success.

All of us at Lime have a special interest in the marathon this year because Renae’s sister, Regan competed!  She did a wonderful job and we’re so happy she was able to complete the course!  Regan is pictured in the center of the photo above.

She also touched our hearts with a wonderful blog post about some of the amazing people she met this year and told some of the incredible stories from other runners.  We’ll share the link to this great entry on our Facebook page so check there to read more about the inspiring athletes who participated.

This photo shows Regan with a young man who was unable to compete due to a terrible motorcycle accident.  13 volunteer runners pushed him in 1 mile intervals for the entire course and helped him cross the finish line using a walker.  This is a true sportsman who didn’t want to give up his opportunity to compete and is also an awesome story of sportsmanship from the runners who helped him achieve his goal.  Our hats are off.

It’s people like these who make Southern Utah such a great place to live.  Call Lime today!