Renae Stucki Realtor read this article on CNN Money’s site today and thought the advice it gave was excellent.  They give you some amazing steps and things to do to be ready to buy a home.  Starting 12 months out, then 6 months and finally, 3 months before putting in an offer.  

You can follow the link and read the article HERE.  There’s also a video clip with the article.

This article is a great map for preparing for buying a home.  Of course it’s not the only way to go about doing it and if you haven’t taken these steps, they shouldn’t stop you from taking the chance and finding out what you can pre-qualify for.

What I love the most about it, is it helps put the necessity of have a pre-qualify letter from a lender onhand when you start searching for a property.  It also focuses and some other techniques in knowing what you want and what’s really important to you.  Most of all, it recommends finding a good real estate professional.  

And that, is the point I find most appealing about the article.  There’s just no substitute for having a pro in your corner during this exciting time.

Another advantage to having an agent working for you is that the agent can help you accomplish the things outlined in this article.  If you don’t feel confident in your financial ability, an agent can help you determine the best course of action in fixing your budget and your credit rating.

They also have contacts with lenders and can usually help the right lenders find the right buyers.  There’s no reason not to use one.  In fact, it’s just plain foolish.  Contact Renae today and let her help you get pre-qualified for your home loan so you can start looking today.