LIME REALTY GROUP is always looking out for ways to make your holidays less stressful and fun.  Just the other day we had an amazing reminder of what a resource is…

We’ve talked about this site before but if you aren’t familiar, let’s get you up to speed. is a huge information library of music and album releases.  You can type in an artist and choose one of their albums and has the most online information about that particular release, the number of times and places it was issued, differences between releases, etc. etc.  It allows you to shop for the version of the album you want and buy exactly what you’re after instead of settling for something you don’t.

Lately, artists will often releases multiple versions of their albums.  A standard edition and then a deluxe edition with additional discs, songs, multimedia content or packaging.  Bands who’re long established will often releases anniversary editions of their popular albums that include additional content, better quality mastering and often, packaging.

Discogs will let you shuffle through the possible options and make the right decision.  In addition, it is also a market place.  It let’s small record store owners from all over the world post their inventories and sell directly to you online.

I can’t tell you how amazing and helpful that is.  Vinyl is making a huge comeback and colored vinyl seems to be all the rage this year.  Artists are issuing multiple vinyl editions with different colors.  Recently I purchased two vinyl copies of the same album, but I later found out their online shop had sold out of the clear edition.  They refunded my money, but I was very disappointed.  Just on a whim, I checked and this exclusive direct sale version of the album was already selling on their web market and I found a copy that was affordable and from a seller I’ve purchased from in the past.  I was very happy with the sale.

And frankly, if you’re a music lover or you have one in your family, this is the best place to shop for that little extra something unique.  Sure anyone can pick up the Latest Lady Ga Go CD, wrap it up and hand it off for Christmas, but will a little bit of time, you can make that gift a little more special.  You gave the Japanese edition with 5 bonus songs!

It’s super easy, just type in and begin your adventure.  And remember, Lime is the clear choice for real estate in the Southern Utah Area.  Call today!