LIME REALTY GROUP realizes this comes a bit after the fact and probably isn’t exactly the type of information you’re looking for, but it is news that affects our state rather strongly and as such, we wanted to at least touch on the events that have occurred over the past week. 

As many of you know, the president of the LDS church, Thomas S. Monson passed away.  It’s a truly unfortunate event and many LDS members are deeply saddened by his loss.  His funeral was conducted with honors in Salt Lake City with many influential and powerful people from all walks of life in attendance.

The LDS Church has announced a new President and we’ll discuss him another time.  Right now we just wanted to express our sincere condolences to the family and friends of Thomas S. Monson.  We also express our condolences to the members of the church who are feeling this lose deeply at this time.

The LDS Church is a strong community leader and builder in our state and has done many great things for our communities.  It’s important to acknowledge this contribution and we certainly are grateful for the efforts of church leaders to make our state such an amazing place to call home.  Whether you’re a member or not, Thomas S. Monson was a fellow Utahan and concerned citizen.  His passing diminishes us all.