LIME REALTY GROUP wants to give you all a heads up!  BYU Men’s Basketball is at an exciting point and tonight is a critical game for the team.

For those of you who follow Men’s College Basketball, you know all about the two big teams on the West Coast…  Gonzaga and St. Mary’s.  BYU has handed each team some upsetting defeats at different times, but this year, with a strong team, BYU (Although still rated #3 in their conference) stands a good chance of dishing out even more spankings.  Having already played St. Mary’s once this year, BYU maintained a lead right to the end of the game and ended up losing in overtime.  St. Mary’s, currently undefeated, played the #1 team, Gonzaga last week and handed them a spanking defeat.

With one loss under their belts, Gonzaga is watching their position in the conference erode.  

Tonight, BYU has the chance to reclaim some of the pride they lost when St. Mary’s beat them.  BYU travels to St. Mary’s and the game is tonight at 9pm.

If you’re at all interested in basketball, this is a game you don’t want to miss.  Two strong teams both with strong motivation to win the game will certainly create a heated environment and is sure to produce some incredible game play!  Don’t miss out!  Check out the game tonight!

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