LIME REALTY GROUP heard this fascinating story on the drive to work on Morning Edition.  For those of you who aren’t in the know…  Morning Edition is a news program played on public radio stations all over the country.  For those of us in Southern Utah, we pick it up on three stations.  There’s one in Las Vegas, one in Salt Lake and for some strange reason, we also pick up the one based in Logan at the university.

The story this morning was all about a recent series of tests being conducted to demonstrate how friendship impacts the health and well being of people during their midlife ages 45-65.

Using a form of electric shock, researchers can demonstrate the effect friendship has on people.  Subjects are given warnings when a shock will occur and their brain activity demonstrates anxiety.  But, when they are holding the hand of a friend, their minds remain quiet and still.

On the flip side, loneliness is as harmful to the body as smoking and obesity.  This story demonstrates the harm middle age singles and people are forced to confront on a daily basis.  You can listen to the entire story by clicking this link:

One thing this story demonstrates more than anything is the need for human contact and friendship.  It’s so important!  We need to make sure we’re reaching out to the most vulnerable people in our lives and help them avoid the pitfalls of this frightening condition.

Make a goal today to be a friend to someone who needs your friendship!  We’re doing it at Lime and we hope you’ll accept the challenge as well.

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