LIME REALTY GROUP has a great tip for perspective buyers!  While you’re shopping around for a home, it’s a smart idea to keep a checklist of positive and negative things about each house you see.  

Having a list of the pros and cons of each house you tour can give you a great advantage when you start to consider which house is the right one for you.

First of all, it strengthens your hand.  When a buyer finds a house they fall in love with and they show their interest, it can place all the power in the hands of the seller.  It’s best to play your cards close to your chest.  If you wait until you’re out of the house before you show your excitement, you keep a lot of the interest in your corner.

Second, during a tour, having a checklist of your priorities and things you’re looking for will help you determine if a property really is the right place for you.  Even if you love a house, it may not meet the qualities you’re looking for.  Having a checklist allows you to focus on the things that are really important to you.  

It also allows you to keep track of the things you don’t like about the property.  If you’re looking for things to write down and things you’re planning on checking off, you’ll pay more attention to the details of the property rather than basing your impression solely on an emotional response.

The third great thing about this list is the objectivity it gives you when you’re reading over it later on.  It could definitely change your mind about a property.

Finally, it demonstrates to your agent your seriousness and inspires them to work that much harder for you.  After all, your agent wants to see you get exactly what you’re looking for.

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