LIME REALTY GROUP has noticed a chill in the morning air lately and gosh darn it, we’re officially in Autumn!  The first day of Autumn was September 22!  Last Friday!  But considering how subtle the changes of the seasons can be here, no one would hold it against you if you didn’t notice.  

Still, even with the cooler morning and evening temperatures, you can see Autumn settle over the city in so many small ways.  Of course there’s a certain degree of color change to foliage, but not nearly as dramatic here as it is in a city as close as Cedar City to the north.  We’re still in that desert space that keeps everything just under nature’s radar.  Right now, if you were living in Cedar, you’d be seeing all kinds of changes.  But not so much here.

In a way, the rustic golds, oranges and reds we associate with Autumn are with us year round!

Hopefully, you’ll take advantage of this incredible time and get out and enjoy the area!  Explore the natural wonders of Southern Utah and experience your community!  And if you’re in the market for a new home, call Lime and spend some quality time with us shopping for your new home and touring some exciting properties throughout the area.  Make this fall your own private Parade of Homes and let us show you the options and possibilities of a new home in Southern Utah!  Call today!