LIME REALTY GROUP recently discovered this amazing article about the country’s #1 up and coming vacation destination and that small town is Hurricane, UT.  Between 2015 and 2016 demand for rental properties in Hurricane increased 199%!  This figure made it #1 above places like HGTV’s hotspot Waco, Texas.

You can read the article for yourself by following this link:

And here’s the great part…  If you know someone who is looking to rent a vacation property or interested in investing in a rental property, we can help!  The Retreat at Sand Hollow offers overnight rentals and not only can we help you rent one, we work with a builder who can build one for you!

Why not take advantage of this lucrative opportunity and get in on the vacation rental market yourself?  Now’s the time and this is the hottest place on the map!  Call today!