LIME REALTY GROUP makes it a habit of staying current with local news.  We normally don’t report it here unless there’s a human interest appeal.  But today…  Wow…

St. George News website posted an article today about spa treatments unique to Southern Utah resorts and spas.  They also include coupons to try them.  You can read this amazing article by clicking on the pic below:

When we ask clients, friends, family and co-workers what makes Southern Utah such an amazing place to live, we almost always hear about the outdoor sports and the scenery.  Hiking, biking, sports, walking, trails, exploring…  People love to be outdoors here and a highly active lifestyle is the reason so many of these interesting spa treatments have been developed.

It’s impossible to overlook the impact healthy living and athletic tourism that happens here.  This Saturday, the St. George Marathon will occur.  With triathlons, summer games, senior games and a host of other diverse activities, our area is a popular destination for nature lovers.

That’s one of the things that sets St. George a part and makes it such a great place to live.  And these spa treatments are another thing that makes Southern Utah so fascinating and diverse.

Take a few minutes and read this incredible article.  Learn more about the various resorts in the area and what they have to offer locals and tourists alike.  Get to know your neighborhood that much better!  And then, contact Lime for any and all real estate needs you may have.  Lime is the clear and only choice for quality in the real estate market in Southern Utah.  Make the right choice today!