LIME REALTY GROUP wants to tell you about an interesting trend we’ve noticed in the Southern Utah market.  Mainly, that house sales seem to rise dramatically around February.  And that’s usually how long it takes for financing and loans to take place.  Which means, most of the shopping for new homes is taking place during the holiday season.

What’s one of the greatest gifts you can give your family or loved ones?  A new house!  And the sales trends certainly seem to prove the theory.

We’ve noticed a huge spike in buyers lately.  And the market.  There are a large number of clients coming on the market and we’re looking for new listings.  If you or someone you know has been thinking about listing a property, contact Lime and let us do some work on your part.  We can help you move that property quickly and at a great price!  What are you waiting for?

To help spur the momentum, we’ve spent some time handing out flyers hoping to entice people to put their homes on the market.

That’s our lovely team member, Kris Bullock with a flyer selfie!  Watch for her in your neighborhood or give us a call.  We’d like to invite you to contact her and discuss your options for selling your property with one of the most successful and brilliant real estate teams in the Southern Utah area, Lime…  We’re here for you.