Renae Stucki Realtor found this interesting website while surfing the net the other day and it’s got a couple helpful tips for those who’ve recently purchased a new home.  Especially if you’re a first time home buyer, this information is quite helpful.  You can read the article, HERE.

As a home buyer in St. George or the Southern Utah area, you can expect other goodies as well.  Certain local small business owners will send out small gifts to new home buyers.  These generous local companies are determined to see local residents achieve their goals of financial stability and independence.  

These gifts are usually in the form of coupons or gift certificates.  So keep an eye out for some of these exciting rewards for taking the plunge and becoming a home owner.  It’s just the beginning of what’s in store for you.

If you haven’t become a home buyer yet, let us encourage you to contact Renae today and become one of the many residents who enjoy the benefits of home ownership today.  Call now and we’ll help make all your dreams come true!