The Taylor Stucki Realty Group would like to put forward the top ten reasons we think people relocate or choose St. George area for their home.

#1 – Excellent Economy – According to studies conducted during the financial downturn, Utah as a whole, continued to be a major U.S. center for technology, mining and transportation.  These economies helped the state demonstrate one of the strongest economies in the country.

#2 – Amazing Scenery – Southern Utah is one of the most diverse geographies in the Continental United States.  There’s something for everyone here.  From snow caped peaks, lush river valleys and sandy desert you won’t find a place with more to offer a wide variety of people.  The red rocks and canyons alone attract thousands of visitors every year.

#3 – Recreation – The Southern Utah landscape is perfect for all kinds of outdoor activities.  Skiing, rock climbing, hiking, mountaineering, fishing, hunting and white water rafting are all activities people travel to St. George to participate in.  Just think, you could have it all in your backyard.  

#4 – Properties – This area features some truly breathtaking homes enhanced by their locations.  It’s so easy to find a lot with an amazing view.  With builders on the forefront of creative design and innovative ideas, there’s a plan and a view for everyone.

#5 – Education – Utah is one of the top states in the country when it comes to education and Southern Utah features some incredible opportunities for students of all ages.  Ask your Taylor Stucki Realty Group agent for more information.

#6 – Quality Of Life – Washington County has a higher pay rate than the national average.  The cost of living is less than most cities and the outdoors activities helps contribute to the physical health and well being of its citizens.  

#7 – Climate – You can experience the full range of seasons in Southern Utah, though winter tends to be more mild than the rest of the state.  The summer is hot but mostly dry adding to the attraction for most residents.

#8 – Investment – In 2006 Utah was named the fastest growing state in the country.  Through the 1990s up til 2005, St. George was overall the second fastest growing metropolitan center in the U.S.  As a great vacation destination, the area attracts visitors every year making it a prime market for owning property.  It’s definetely in demand.

#9 – Retirement – With so many ammenities and communities geared towards senor citizens, St. George is a perfect place to retire and enjoy life.  It’s certainly a place catering to fine living!

#10 – Growth – The economic forecast for the area is strong and shows all kinds of potential for growth.  Southern Utah will continue to attract business and people looking for a progressive location.  Job opportunities are added daily.  A strong economy makes St. George the place you should consider for your next home.

The Taylor Stucki Realty Group is the perfect place for you to find out more about this incredible area.  Start your search today by contacting an agent.