Renae Stucki Realtor continues her partnership with Brent Taylor at Shadow Canyon!  Located in Ivins, UT; this amazing subdivision is surrounded by the beautiful red rocks Southern Utah is renowned for.

Some of the advantages to Ivins:  Tuacahn Theater!  Each year, Tuacahn produces broadway quality theatre productions as well as award winning concert series.  Huge names, extreme productions and an art school all nestled next to Snow Canyon National Park.  That’s another perk of living in Ivins!  Snow Canyon!  With its dunes and stone mounds, it’s an excellent place to go hiking, biking or just a picnic, you won’t believe the natural splendor of this incredible place.

Ivins is home to a branch of the Biggest Loser.  It’s a weight loss location sometimes featured in the actual show.  There are other spas and weight loss facilities in Ivins as well.

Kayenta is a neighboring community adjacent to Ivins.  It has a lovely cafe and art center.  There are many artists, writers and other artistic professionals living there.

Ivins is a majestic place.  It possesses a soul amazingly visible.  Especially during rainstorms.  The Red Mountains are filled with waterfalls cascading down their slopes.  You see the wild colors of Southern Utah and feel the change of seasons more readily there than anywhere else in Washington County.

Now’s the time to call Renae and schedule a tour of this amazing subdivision.  She’ll help you choose the right floorplan to fit your needs.  Shadow Canyon is a Dream home for many people.  Maybe you’re one of them.