For the past few days, Renae Stucki Realtor and all the residents of Washington County have enjoyed a rare treat!  A snowfall with temperatures low enough to have the snow stay on the ground.

This photo was taken on Bluff Street and shows the snow falling.  This is an example of how versatile the area can be.  For the most part, the weather in this area is consistent and mostly mild in the winter.  When snow does fall, it usually occurs at night and melts away by the afternoon.  That’s one of the reasons many people move to St. George in the winter.  They escape the cold of northern areas and enjoy the mild temperatures and sunshine.

However, on rare occasions, we get some snow like we’ve had over the past few days.  For some people, who come to Southern Utah to escape the cold; this weather is probably disappointing.  For those who live here year round, it’s a treat!

One thing is certain, although Christmas is still a couple weeks away, it feels like a white Christmas.  And makes the holidays even more magical than they normally are.  So enjoy your snow days, Southern Utah!  Get out there and make your snow men, have some snow ball fights and make angels in the snow.  Now’s the time!