LIME REALTY GROUP recently read an article about the projected future of home values across the country.  We thought you’d like to know what the analysts are predicting.  First of all, let us show you a graphic showing the overall projected growth rate and that will give you an idea how they break everything down.


According to the graph the pacific coast will experience the most value increase during 2015.  They project an added value of 7.25%.  Utah is part of the mountain region and we’re looking at an overall appreciation of 6.83% the second largest in the country.

They have several other graphs showing the actual price changes over quarter and monthly periods.  In the mountain area, Nevada and Colorado top the charts with Utah in a close third.  It seems like the middle mountain area is a sweet spot of sorts.  Lots of people are choosing to buy in these areas.

That’s both good news and bad news.  The good news is for home owners…  Your properties will appreciate and you’ll be able to see more value in your investment.  The bad news is for those who are home shopping.  You’ll see prices start to go up.  Even with the mortgage rate still hoovering, your money will buy less and less home as the economy recovers and home values increase.

Again, it seems like the prudent move would be to buy now.  Lock in a rate and start shopping!  It’s a whopper of a good time to look into investing in your home.  Make a move and get going!

Stay tuned and continue to check back as we have featured property LimeTV episodes, the great Bake-Off episode and other treats coming your way soon.  Lime is the best choice for real estate in Southern Utah!