“When we first made our decision to start down the home shopping pathway, we were very hesitant to use a realtor.  At all.  We had zero experiences with a realtor, and honestly had negative pre-conceived (But wrong!) ideas about them.  As a result of a phone inquiry we made on a home we glanced at and wanted more info. on, Kris Bullock called me on my phone.  Wow!  How glad we now are that she decided to call us, and that we decided to even answer that call! Kris Bullock was an absolute joy to work with.  She was professional in every sense of the word.  There was no doubt from the very beginning that she was doing her very best to help us find exactly what we were looking for, and not pressuring or leading us into decisions we might later regret. As we had to travel from Ogden, Kris understood our time to look at properties was very limited and that it had to be well organized.  She was marvelous at this.  Our time with her was extremely efficient and well spent. In the end, she not only found us the home we were looking for, but did so while making the process fun.  We ended up not only with the home we wanted, but with an absolutely cherished new friendship in Kris. Also, Kudos need to go out to Nicole Hirschi for the efficiency in which she kept this ball rolling smoothly.  She was instrumental in keeping everything on track and on time. In the end, we came away with an entirely new and favorable opinion of realtors and their services.  Thanks to the entire team and all the “in the background” help that obviously goes in to this process.  Great work!  We have already recommended and will continue to recommend your group and Kris in particular, to anyone that we might have the opportunity to do so with.
Thanks for everything!”

-Mark & Lori Nixon - St. George, Ut