LIME REALTY GROUP loves this time of year!  The weather is perfect, people are visiting, homes are being built and bought…  But best of all, little league season is underway!  You can’t spit around here on a weekday night without hitting a kid in a ball cap.  We think this is one of the reasons, our communities are so strong and together.

Each of the major cities, suburbs or towns around St. George hosts a little league and we’re here to give you information on all of them.  We’re going to provide links so you can visit the sites, check out schedules and find out where the games are being held.  Go out and support our youth.  Enjoy some free games and enjoy the beautiful weather at the same time!

Here’s the rundown:

The City of St. George hosts a little league playing in the Little Valley area.  You can get more information about St. George by clicking HERE.

Snow Canyon League includes people living west of the black hill, Santa Clara, Ivins and Gunlock.  Read more about this league by going HERE.

Washington City has a dynamic page and one of the most exciting leagues in the county.  You can find out more by clicking HERE.

Hurricane is also home to a fine little league and you can explore more about their program HERE.

Take some time to get out there and support these great kids and enjoy some terrific baseball as well!  Remember Lime for all of your real estate needs!