Normally, we’d make this Taylor Stucki Realty Group blog about breaking Real Estate news or something exciting happening in the Southern Utah Housing market.  But with the tragedy in Oklahoma, I wanted to keep an eye on what’s really important right now.

When the planes crashed into the two towers in New York, Alan Menken (a songwriter famous for the numerous Disney hits from such films as The Little Mermaid, Beauty And The Beast & Aladdin) wrote a song about the tragedy.  He wondered if there would be a time when the world would be good again.

That song is entitled, “Will The Sun Ever Shine Again” and I wanted to include the link for it here.  So many families have lost their homes and loved ones.  For them, it seems like there will never be another happy day.  Another time when the world will seem right.  It’s for them that we take a moment to ponder this sad event.   Be grateful we are safe and well.  That our homes and families are out of harms way.  Tomorrow the sun will shine for us.  And let us all pray, the sun WILL shine again for them.  Our thoughts and good will are with you.