Lime Realty Group posted a blog about the mortgage rate and how it was impacted by the volatility of the market last week.  And today, we’re seeing more movement.  

As of today the rate is 4.01%.  So we’re back up over 4%.  Everyone knew that dip into the high 3%’s wouldn’t last, but even now, the rate is still .50% lower than it was before the market started spiking.  And that’s a huge difference.

The bottom line…

This rate has nowhere to go but up right now.  And the smart money is on getting in while you can.  Even if you can’t qualify for the 4.01% the rate you will qualify for will be less than it could be.  And you will still save a significant amount by getting in under the lowest rate you can.

Now’s the time.

Get your paperwork together, get into a mortgage company and lock in a rate.  Then, take the time you earn yourself to shop for a home in your budget and put in offers.  Lock in that rate now.

Call Renae and she will bust her hiney to make sure maximize the time you’ve locked in.  She understands the need to close quickly to keep a locked rate and she will leave no stone unturned while helping you find the home you want to put an offer in on.  Call today.  You can’t wait.