LIME REALTY GROUP wants you to know the current rate for a 30 year fixed mortgage is actually below 4%!  Can you believe it???  There’s been a lot of uncertainty in the markets lately and there’s no real way to know for certain what’s going to happen, but it’s always best to assume the rate is going to go up.  After all, there more room to go up rather than down.

Analysts are repeatedly predicting rising rates, but the trend has been quite chaotic and has stayed hoovering around the 4% line.  But let’s be fair…  Analysts were also predicting oil prices would start to increase and then we heard they were going to stay low for almost the rest of the year.

Can we trust what the analysts are saying?

One thing is certain, it’s a buyer’s market right now.  There’s always a risk the rate might skyrocket, but you can have some security by locking in a rate.

Once you’ve locked in a rate, you are guaranteed that rate for a certain amount of time.  If you close on a home within the time limit, you will get the rate.  If you can’t, you will have to re-negotiate with whatever rate is currently available.

This really is a historical period and we can’t stress enough how much buying power your dollars have right now.  If you’ve ever considered making the move from apartment renting, now’s the time.  Even if you have to clear up some damaged credit, start today…  You might still be able to qualify for these amazing rates a couple months from now.

It’s not going to cost you anything to lock in a rate and start looking.  Locking in a rate will also help you determine how much you can qualify for in a mortgage loan.  You can use that information to target properties within your buying range and find the one home you can fall in love with.

Start working for your future.  Don’t waste any more time.  Call today and let us help you get started on the adventure of a lifetime.  The adventure of owning your home!  It all starts with one phone call.

Call Lime and rest easy knowing you’ve got the best name in Southern Utah realty working for your interests!