The Taylor Stucki Realty Group is always interested in opinions and news concerning real estate.  Marketplace is a radio program on National Public Radio and last weekend, they featured a story with tips for home buyers in this aftermath economy.  

As the recovery continues, many new home buyers are still feeling cautious about getting into the market and this article attempts to address concerns potential home buyers may have and things to look out for while you’re shopping for a property.

To read the article and for an audio stream, follow the link provided HERE.  You can also spend some time searching Marketplace for more information concerning the housing market and answering any questions you may have about the economy.

Marketplace does an excellent job reporting on and researching this vital driving force of the American economy.

And after you’ve spent time on their website, why not contact one of our agents and let us help you make your dreams of home ownership come true.

Just a reminder of the Open House this coming weekend.  See yesterdays post for details!