Talking with Renae Stucki Realtor today, I started wondering why people buy homes.  What motivates them.  Every time we post a blog about real estate, the conversation turns toward financial matters.  Where are prices headed?  When should I buy?  Will I find a bargain?  Is there still a chance to find the perfect deal?

The odd thing about these posts is I don’t think they answer the real question about why people make the decision to buy a home.  I looked up some surveys conducted with new home owners and I discovered money and price are not even considered when families look into buying a home.

The National Housing Survey lists these top 5 reasons people gave for buying a home.

1. Having a good place to raise a family and provide a good education.
2. Having a physical structure where you and your family feel safe.
3. Having more space for your family.
4. Having control over what you do with your living space.
5. Having a place to invest your money rather than waste it on rent.

The Myers Research and Strategic Services Survey lists these top 5 reasons people gave for buying a home.

1. Providing a stable and safe environment for children and family members.
2. Investing in equity rather than paying money to a landlord.
3. Creates the opportunity to pay off the mortgage and own the home when you retire.
4. Gives you the chance to live where you want to live.
5. Allows you to decorate, modify and renovate your living space as you see fit.

So even though price and market trends dominate the conversation when we talk about buying a home in this blog.  However, when it comes down to it, we actually buy homes for the same reasons our parents and grandparents did.  We want a better life for ourselves and our families.

Isn’t that funny?  And yet of all the agents working in the Southern Utah area, there’s not a single one who understands this more than Renae Stucki.  Renae has the knowledge and insight to help people make decisions based on what they really want and need rather than some false expectation.  She can help you achieve your goals.  She can make your dream home come true.