Lime Realty Group here with another interest rate update.  I know you’re probably thinking…

“What does it matter and why do you talk about it so much???”

Well, the answer is basically, the lower the rate, the more house your money will buy.  I’m trying to find a graphic that will display this idea in a more understandable way, but I haven’t found anything yet.  I’ll certainly keep trying.

If you remember the last blog we wrote concerning this issue, you’ll know the rate had dipped below 4% and spent a week in the high 3%.  But then it crossed the line and started upward again.

We strongly advised you to get busy locking in a rate and start shopping for a house.  I’m sure many of you have noticed, the rate has fluctuated slightly over the past week, but it’s stayed between the 4.02% and 4.04%…  But today, it made a significant increase that points to it rising steadily from now on.  Yesterday, the rate closed at 4.03% for a 30 year fixed mortgage.  Today, it’s up to 4.06%.  And it only has one direction it needs to go.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to start looking if you’ve ever wanted to.  This is your time.  There are properties coming out on the market and you’ve got the skilled team on your side to make it all worthwhile.  

Still your clear and only choice….

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