Renae Stucki Realtor wanted to show this clip and talk about appearance and representation.  We found this clip after seeing it on Ellen and wanted to demonstrate the difference between some of the crazy things real estate agents will do to get your attention.

As your representative in a buying or a selling situation, it’s important to present a strong business image to your buyer or seller.  And often times, an agent can come across as unprofessional or even foolish when they advertise in an extreme manner.

We’re not implying these agents aren’t good at their jobs or even incredibly smart…  but it’s hard to take someone seriously who presents such a silly public image.  And that’s why we’re happy to point you in the direction of an agent who will represent you and always show the best side of any transaction.  Renae Stucki.

As a real estate professional, she is impeccable in taste, appearance and dedication.  She’s hard working, quick to smile and always ready to jump into action when a situation arises.  This is not an agent who will sit back and wait for something to happen…  Renae gets out there and works to earn her commission and achieve the best outcome for her clients.

You can rest assured you got the best when you sign with Renae Stucki.  Call today and make the best decision you’ve made in years.