Pent Up Demand Is Boosting Home Sales, But Can It Last?  The Taylor Stucki Realty Group heard this announcement today on NPR’s Here And Now program.  

The story, by Marilyn Geewax and Chris Arnold, attempts to explain the recent sales boom in the housing market.  They offer some interesting ideas.  They use figures a variety of organizations such as Census data and Real Facts LLC in support of their theories.

The downside to the program is the fact it’s all conjecture and no real evidence is given to prove the ideas.

One thing we’ve noticed is the increase of cash sales versus traditional mortgages.  Many properties are being snatched up in cash deals by investors or retirees who are ready to buy a second home.

These sales are partially responsible for the stability we’re seeing in many US markets because they eliminate the threat of foreclosure and reduce the liability risk of a given area.  Even in Southern Utah, we see evidence of both sides of the story and although NPR’s story seems to be grim, those of us in the business have a more hopeful view of the future.  Especially in this area.

For those of you interested in reading or hearing the story, the link is HERE.

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