LIME REALTY GROUP is getting a facelift!  That’s right, folks…  When we decided to spruce up the office area and make it even more inviting and pleasant for our clients, so we’re hard at work!  Don’t believe us???  Take a look at these amazing pics!


Here’s Renae putting together some new tables…  Look out Ikea…  She’s figured out the system!  

We’re thinking about hiring her out around the holidays if anyone has toys or furniture they need help putting together.

Now that she’s had some experience, we know she can handle just about anything we throw at her!

Meanwhile, Alex ended up painting!!!  His skill is unmatched and he did an awesome job!

One of Alex’s strong points is his attention to detail.  He works hard in everything he does to make sure it’s right and this job is no exception.

He used all the tricks of the trade to get clean lines and keep the job looking as professional as possible.  His hard work and ability to stay focused has inspired us to consider hiring him out for other paint work.

Give us a call if you require our services!  Because Lime is the only clear choice for real estate and pretty much all kinds of related work stuff…  Yeah!  Lime!!!!!