Renae Stucki Realtor found this article posted on RealtorMag…  A website dedicated to the real estate industry.  It’s about the recent numbers posted showing a 35% reduction in real estate inventory over the past year.  This figure represents the entire country not just Southern Utah, but it’s a strong indicator things are turning around.

Of course, the article also warns that economists and other professionals aren’t celebrating just yet.  There are still concerns for the country’s housing market.  On a month by month basis, foreclosures nationally have risen slightly.  That’s a worrying sign.  Will they drop again in the short term?  Or will we see an upward trend for awhile?

One thing is certain…  The stigma of foreclosure doesn’t carry the same weight it did just a few years ago.  Back in the day, a foreclosure was something akin to bankruptcy in financial circles.  With the recession forcing so many families into foreclosure, it’s hard to find fault with those who lost a home through no fault of their own.  In fact, many people simply surrendered unwanted properties to the bank when they couldn’t afford them.  

There is a certain tolerance gained nationally for the feared process of foreclosure.  It no longer carries the same social shame.

Anywho…  For those of you interested, you can check out RealtorMag’s article HERE.  And once you’ve done that, why not give Renae a call for any and all real estate concerns you may have.  There’s nothing quite like having a friend in your corner.