While working with clients, Renae Stucki Realtor is often faced with the task of matching the client to the neighborhood.  And we’ve wondered just how important a neighborhood actually is.

According to a recent Op-Ed article, where you live “profoundly shapes who you are.”  In “Here Comes The Neighborhood,” David L. Kirp comments on the results of a study about affordable housing in an affluent suburban community.  He argues that having the opportunity to live in a peaceful neighborhood with good schools can transform lives.

Suburbia beckons many poor and working-class families with the promise of better schools, access to non-dead-end jobs and sanctuary from the looming threat of urban violence.  

The article draws the conclusion that where you live really does shape who you are.  People migrating to nicer areas obtained better housing and secured a new lease on life.  The pathway out of poverty for adults and a solid education for their children.

I guess the most obvious conclusion we can all take to heart when reading this article is that neighborhoods are desperately important to the lives of everyone living in them.  Therefore, we have a civic obligation to do our part and maintain them.  Together, we create the environment we live in.

There’s nothing more satisfying as an agent than seeing a buyer find the right neighborhood, the right home.  When they find an area that is aesthetically pleasing and a home that fits their needs, you have a perfect storm.  The moment it all lines up is amazing.

Granted, sometimes other concerns influence a sale.  Price, financing, etc.  But when it all lines up, everyone wins.  Including the neighborhood.

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