Today was an exciting day at Taylor Stucki Realty Group!  We had the opportunity to help one of our clients become a first time home buyer!  Mr. S. Goodwin closed on this lovely red brick cottage in downtown St. George, UT!

Centrally located, this detached home is perfect for anyone interested in taking advantage of all the excitement downtown has to offer.  With a view of the LDS St. George Temple gardens and close Proximity to Vernon Worthen Park, it’s a perfect blend of city life and nature.

We sat down with Mr. Goodwin this afternoon to discuss the closing and his experience with the Taylor Stucki Realty Group.  Here’s what he had to say…

TSRG:  So this was a quick one…

S. GOODWIN:  Yeah, I was lucky.

TSRG:  Which team member did you work with?

S. GOODWIN:  Renae Stucki.

TSRG:  She’s great!  What was your impression of working with her?

S. GOODWIN:  She’s terrific!  She’s one of those extremely motivated people and she’s very supportive.  

TSRG:  Would you recommend her?

S. GOODWIN:  Absolutely.  I’ve already sent a couple friends including one friend moving here from out of state.  He’s quite fond of her too.

TSRG:  Tell us about the unique instructions you gave Renae when she first started showing you properties…

S. GOODWIN:  Well, my situation was a little strange.  I’m at the end of my lease at my old place and I don’t want to sign a new one.  I gave her a month to find me something I could live with.

TSRG:  Lol, would you say she met your expectations?

S. GOODWIN:  Heck yeah!  MORE than met.  Seriously, she found this home before it was even on the market and took me there the day it listed.  I think it was the fourth or fifth house she showed me.

TSRG:  What do you think of your new place?

S. GOODWIN:  I knew the second I walked in it was what I wanted.  I fell in love with it right off the bat.  

TSRG:  How do you feel the process went?  Especially obtaining financing?

S. GOODWIN:  It happened quickly.  Renae took me to a mortgage lender, Veritas and they ran everything through as quickly as possible.  I’m still surprised how fast it happened.  My offer was accepted and I had financing within a matter of weeks.

TSRG:  Do you think you would’ve found the same deal without Renae?

S. GOODWIN:  No.  Not that home or in that price range.  She was really looking out for me.  I’m sure if that property was on the market another couple days I’d have lost it.  The price she helped negotiate was incredible.

TSRG:  Thanks for talking to us!

S. GOODWIN:  Thank you!

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