At any given time during the next couple months you’ll find yourself staring off into the night sky at the baseball fields all lit up and the sounds of screaming fans!  Renae Stucki Realtor has noticed an upswing of scenes like this one…

And it’s becoming more commonplace as the summer rolls in.  Yes indeed, my friends, baseball season is upon us!  And kids of all ages are taking to the field to play!

The reason we’re bringing this up is because the youth baseball games and even the high school and middle school level games can be highly entertaining and a wonderful way to spend an evening.  Grab your fold out chair and hit the ball park for a good time watching kids play!

Cheer on your favorite teams or just enjoy the spectacle.  One way or another, there’s something for everyone at the local ball park.  Even if it’s just the nachos at the concession stand.

Small community ball teams are another reason St. George and Southern Utah are amazing places to live and raise families.  We already know you don’t need convincing.  But maybe you need a home.  Renae is the person to contact if you’re looking.  Call today