Lime Realty Group found this article published by the Washington Monthly magazine.  In it, they pick the worst colleges in the US based on a number of criteria.  For those of you who are interested in reading the article, you can follow this link:

Now you may be asking yourself why Lime is sharing this website.  And the answer is rather simple.  As a portion of the state of Utah with two major universities nearby, it’s good to know we have credible options for continuing education.  Especially compared to some of these other Liberal Arts schools across the country.  It’s also nice to know we’re not bombarded by for profit schools around our little section of the world.

To get back to the article, the first list they show is of colleges who fail the basics…  These are schools that charge their students too much for an education students most of the time won’t bother finishing school to earn.  California has four in the top 10.

The next list is the ratio of students graduating.  This seems to be self explanatory.  Illinois fares the worst with 3 institutions making the top 10 but California comes in 2nd with 2.  The third list deals with drop out rates and the legacy of the institutions in question.    North and South Carolina combined rank the most in the top 10 with this level.  And finally, the last list is diversity among the student body and Illinois ranks last again with 2 in the top 10.

Utah remains brightly clear of all lists.  Not a surprise for those of us already familiar with the stellar quality of the state’s education system.

Another reason to make Southern Utah your home.  Education.  Wow.

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