As many of you know, Renae Stucki Realtor is a huge fan of sites like CNN’s Money page.  We always find interesting articles like the one we’re sharing today about the 5 myths in home buying.  Now this is an interesting article because although it makes a lot of good points, there are some conclusions we don’t think are 100% accurate.  At least not for our area.

For those of you interested in reading the article, you can find it HERE.  

And for the rest of this blog, we’d like to discuss some of the things we don’t see eye to eye with.  For example…  The first myth is that “buying a home is a great investment”.  They then go on to suggest the housing market is just as prone to crashing as the stock market and you’ll never be 100% secure in making a purchase.  Although it’s good to know the market can crash, it’s also a safe bet it will recover.  What makes it scary is the fact your income may not remain consistent.  But for most American families, a home is one of the major investments they will make and it will represent a large portion of the resource and wealth they will possess.  It’s a bit extreme to call is a risky investment.  When someone buys a home, they usually take care to make sure the property is in good working order before they buy it.  Because you can indeed buy a lemon.  Having a good agent on your side will allow you to avoid making a drastic mistake when it comes to your purchase.

The other myth we think doesn’t really reflect our community is number #3…  “The three biggest factors in choosing a home is location, location, location… ”  This can be true in some places, but not so much here.  Most areas in the Southern Utah, Washington County area are amazing and offer great views or other strong points to entice a buyer.  It really comes down to finding a place that meets your needs.  So in a sense, the fact location is a myth is more of a truth.  But not the way they view it.  This area is all about aesthetic and you choose your home based on what works best for you.

No matter what is the driving factor behind your desire to own a home, Renae Stucki is the right agent to handle your purchase.  And that’s not a Myth.  That’s a fact!  Call today and get your appointment set up to tour one of the amazing locations she’s showing and make your dreams of home ownership come true.