LIME REALTY GROUP wonders if most of you are like us.  When you walked outside of your house this past week were you as confused as we were?  Snow???  In the desert????

Lol, it almost feels like the whole point of living in this part of the world was washed away for a quick moment, but fortunately, the snow didn’t stay.  It certainly came back a couple times, but it didn’t and won’t stay.

For those of you who are new to the area, this can sometimes happen.  We will have years where the snow will stick to the ground.  Worst case scenario, we’ve seen it hang on for a week or so, but usually, it goes as quickly as it comes and we’re back to nice winter weather.

The best way to deal with it is to view it as a novelty.  Be excited and happy for it and by the time it’s gone, most of us are more than ready to see it vanish!

At least for a quick minute this year, we saw our city bathed in white and enjoyed a purity we don’t often have the pleasure of seeing.

But just in case you start thinking it might be fun to see it come back…  check out the pic we posted with this post and see just how strange snow looks next to our beautiful red rocks!  

Have a great one, everybody!  Stay safe, and stay warm.