LIME REALTY GROUP was recently introduced to a non-profit organization headquartered right here in Utah and it’s one we’re really excited about.  And let me tell you why…

It seems no matter who you are or where you are, the world seems in some ways to be getting more and more corrupt and evil.  It seems like news reports of horrible acts being committed that seem antiquated and beneath those of us fortunate enough to be alive today.

Even something like racism doesn’t seem like it belongs in our modern world.  And yet, recent events in the news shows us it continues to play a role in our society.

Recently, some of our team had the opportunity to watch a documentary entitled “Operation Toussaint”.  The film focuses on a man by the name of Tim Ballard who created a Utah based non-profit with a core goal of eradicating slavery, human trafficking and the abuse of children.

Because they are a private non-profit entity, they are only restricted by the limitations placed on them by the governments in the countries they work in.  And most of the time, when they are working in another country, they are there at the behest of that government.  They have the ability to be move into these dark, horrible places and rescue, buy or steal children who are kidnapped, abandoned or purchased by these organizations who sell them as sex slaves, manual labor workers, soldiers or frighteningly, as raw material for organ harvesters looking for merchandise to sell.

Not only was the film heartbreaking, it was a revelation.  Human trafficking is a billion dollar industry the world over and no matter how enlightened you may think you are, it’s impossible to watch the suffering and damage this industry does to children without feeling horrified and enraged.

Right now you can watch the video for this documentary on Amazon Prime.  Just follow this link:

Afterward, take a long hard look at yourself and think about what you would do if you were confronted with the reality of slavery in your life the way so many people were in the United States before the Civil War.

If you feel as strongly as we do, consider becoming an abolitionist and join the team.  It’s surprisingly simple to do and will change a fundamental belief you may have carried around with you your whole life.  And that belief would be that there’s nothing you can do.

And yeah, maybe you’re not part of the international team infiltrating child sex rings and rescuing children from the people buying and selling them.  Maybe you’re not the teacher or the foster parent who helps a child rescued from this life find their way back to the light and lead a productive life.  Maybe you’re not the rich investor/influence broker who can raise millions of dollars with a single phone call…

Maybe you won’t and can’t be that person, but when you join and make a decision to become a part of the Railroad, you are making a difference.  You’re part of the global team of abolitionists who speak with a strong and powerful voice against an evil that has been allowed so far to thrive and profit in our time through the buying and selling of human beings.  Even a small monthly financial commitment of $10 allows you to say with pride, “I’m fighting Human Trafficking!  I’m part of a human solution to an inhuman problem.  No more.”

We invite you to discover this amazing group and find out for yourself how you can have so much purpose and meaning through your support and membership with this incredible group.  Check it out!