LIME REALTY GROUP is excited to announce this year’s Parade of Homes!  This year is will take place between Feb 15-24.  You can buy your tickets now at this address:

You’ll see all kinds of amazing innovations and trends that are happening in Southern Utah building!  A lot of people who attend the parade use the experience to come up with ideas for their own homes.  Either homes they are building or their existing homes they want to remodel or upgrade.

Either way, you will see some of the most cutting edge architecture and innovative living ideas around.

It’s a great time to explore not only the homes on the Parade tour but other models of smaller, more functional homes by local builders!  So take the time to explore and enjoy one of Southern Utah’s most exciting annual events and see for yourself how luxurious and affordable Southern Utah can be!

And if you’re ready to buy or sell, remember Lime is the clear choice for real estate in the Southern Utah area!  Make the call today!