LIME REALTY GROUP likes to keep up on the mortgage rate and we’ve been trying to follow it for our readers more often.  Just this past week, we sat down with some young college age men and women and discussed how the rate will affect them as they enter the housing market.

We were able to help them understand how the rate will impact their choices in a property and also how it can limit your options in other areas, like properties with high insurance rates or expensive HOA dues.

We also got a lot of feedback from them on what their plans were and how they were going to tackle the challenges that came up when they decided to start shopping for a permanent home.

One young lady had just purchased her first home and she was very excited about it.  We had another couple who were in escrow for a new townhome under construction.  They can’t move in for another couple of months but they’re anxious to move in and personalize their space.

The one thing they all had in common was that they wished they’d had more help throughout the process.  Of course that’s where Lime comes in.  Fortunately for at least one of the people we talked to, she’d actually approached us from the start and we were able to make her first purchase easy and worry free.

We helped her determine her price range and then showed her properties that she could easily afford and that met some of her other requirements.  In the end, she found a home she fell in love with the first time she walked through the front door!

That’s one of the best moments for us.  Seeing someone fall in love with a home and knowing that’s the right fit for them.

Oh and for the record, the rate is currently hanging around 4.45% despite the fact that the bond market has enjoyed some strong moves and is very healthy right now.

It would be nice to see the rate move lower a bit, but as unpredictable as snow is in Southern Utah, so too is the mortgage rate!  But keep checking back and we’ll try to continue to shed light on this elusive and frustrating number.

Lime is the clear choice for real estate!  Call today!